Outgoing payments

to most countries

and currencies.

Send money to your destination country without the high bank fees.

Pay in AUD with your debit or credit card, or bulk them in one EFT.
We give you the best market exchange rate for the destination country.
Money is received in recipient’s currency from our local bank account.

A new way for Education Institutions to pay Education Agents.

  • Making Education Agent payments is time consuming and costly with lots of payments and high bank fees.
  • Time and costs spent in administration is money that could be better spent growing your business.
  • AgentPay is the solution to agent payments.
  • Simple to use and free to Education Institutions.
  • One simple local EFT payment is all it takes.

Save money when you send money.

No fees to make payments to
education agents anywhere in the world.

One simple local EFT payment pays all an Education Institution's Education Agents.

Notification emails, telephone,
and email support.

Frequently asked questions

AgentPay is a payment service that does outbound payments for education agent commission and student refunds. You avoid unnecessary bank fees when we make international payments on your behalf.

Electronic Funds Transfer is the electronic transfer of money either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions as a way of simplifying outbound payments without the hassle of high bank fees.

Yes. We do domestic and international payments for both onshore and offshore agents. We can work with any currency and any country.

Yes. We work primarily with Everthought Education for their agent commissions and student refunds, and while we’re on the topic of safety, our service is very compliant to industry standards. We comply with AML/CTF obligations or the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules Instrument 2007 (No. 1).


We do the work for you. You can save time associated with loading payments so you can put your staff to work on more productive activities.

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